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Article: What do the symbols on biker pendents mean?

What do the symbols on biker pendents mean?

What do the symbols on biker pendents mean?

Motorbike riding has become a lifestyle. As it is often said, "we ride to live, and we live to ride." For these bikers jewelry is not just an accessory, but an integral part to their culture. It also speaks volumes about their beliefs. These bikers believe that their accessories should be an expression of their personality.

The demeanor of bikers is usually cohesive. The pendants are a big part of their personality. You can find the pendant that suits your style. Whether you prefer to wear a simple outfit or a more sophisticated one, there is a piece for you.

If you're a part-time biker, you can wear the pendant before a race to get the motorcyclist spirit. You can also wear it to your daily activities behind your tees.

Bikers know how to use a wide range of symbols that reflect their personality. Riders are most likely to use the Viking ax or devout cross. The skull is also a protective symbol that they use to ward off death. Motorcyclists believe that it can save their lives.


What do these biker symbols mean?


Both bikers and Vikings share many similarities. Both possess a masculine attitude, perseverance and a lot of courage. The Vikings' symbol represents courage and respect. It is a sturdy, firm look and a willingness to take on the bad guys. Biker jewelry is often adorned with the Viking symbol. The Viking symbol is also masculine and has a protective meaning.

Viking portraits and symbols include figures of Scandinavian deities (Thor Loki Odin etc.) and their attributes. (axes hammers helmets with horns etc.). Wear a pendant of a jing-hammer to wield the most powerful weapon in mythology.

Flying Eyeball

The Flying Eyeball Logo is a symbol that has become synonymous with Von Dutch. The symbol represents "the eye that sees and knows everything" The symbol is used by many bikers to protect themselves during games. They either draw the image or wear it on their motorcycles.

Iron Cross

Since the 19th century the iron cross was a symbol for honor and heroism both in the Prussian army and the German army. The iron cross was rediscovered in America during the 1960s. Surfers started wearing these medals to show their youthful rebelliousness. The iron cross pendant is now deeply embedded in the culture of bikers. Since it's ancient, it is not understood by all bikers, but is accepted as a sign of honor, courage, and rebelliousness.

Guardian Bell

According to legend, Evil Road Spirits attach themselves to motorcycles while on the road. The legend goes that by attaching the bell to your bike, Evil Road Spirits become trapped in the bell, where the constant ringing will drive them insane and cause them to lose their grip, causing them to fall to the floor. Protect yourself from the evil and treacherous path with your guardian pendant.

Ace of Spades Pendant

Ace of Spades is a high card. It shows fearlessness and indifference towards danger and despises the death. Death is believed to temporarily mark its victims. But what if the victim has already been marked? This will make bikers happy.

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