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Article: What finger should I wear rings as a man?

What finger should I wear rings as a man?

What finger should I wear rings as a man?

Rings can send a specific message depending on which finger they are worn. No matter the size or design of a ring, whether it is small, large, silver, with different totems, patterns, or icons, each ring sends a message.

Historically, rings have been worn by men to signify status, wealth and dedication. This idea used to be cliche but has recently gained popularity. However, there is still confusion as to how it should be conveyed. We, as a brand devoted to providing you with the finest men's rings, have decided to put this matter to rest.

This guide is meant to be a reference for how you should wear a single ring or a set of rings.


What Meaning Does Fingers On Rings Have?

Ring finger

It is interesting to note that before medical science existed, people believed there was a vein directly connecting the ring-finger and the heart. This is referred to as "venous malformation" or "the vein for love." The ring finger makes the best place for your wedding band.

Little finger

A man wearing a ring around his little finger is an attractive sight. It does not conflict with any cultural symbol and is easy to wear. This finger also has the most gorgeous and beautiful designs on the small ring. It is usually the first statement to shine. The little finger represents wisdom and persuasion according to astrology. It is often linked with intelligence, insight and coercion.

Index finger

The index finger has been the most popular finger ever since history began. It symbolizes power, responsibility, and authority. Traditionally, people will wear their family symbol on their index fingers as well as their organizational membership ring.


Which Hands Should I Wear My Ring On?

The dominant hand is the right. It is also more expressive. The first point in any conversation is the right hand.

The left hand however is a symbol of beliefs or personal attributes.

Most people tend to wear their wedding rings around the ring finger on their left hand. But is this really right? In certain countries of Europe and the United States as well as the old British Empire the ring finger is worn on the left. Men wear wedding rings on the right in South and Central America and Southern and Eastern Europe. In Germany for instance, a man will wear his ring on the left ring-finger when he's engaged, and then switch to the right after marriage.

On the little fingers of the dominant hands, the ring represents intelligence and excellent self-expression. On the other hand, it indicates strong intuition and excellent hearing skills.

The basic principle of stacking rings (or wearing multiple rings)

1. Be confident

Stacking or wearing multiple rings is a bold statement that requires high levels of confidence. You can express your personality by matching clothing styles, accessories and other items.

2. Hands proportionate

No matter what statement you are trying to make, keep your fingers in proportion. Wide fingers should be paired with a wide ring and slim fingers with a tight band. When a large band is worn with a slim finger, it can cause confusion and misinterpretation. Both hands should have an equal amount of jewelry. Avoid overloading one hand by wearing a lot of bracelets, rings and watches.

3. Equip the Rings with Other Jewelry

If you have a wedding ring on your left hand and wear a watch as well, wear a right-handed bracelet to balance the look. If you wish to wear another ring on your hand, match it with the ring or index finger of that finger.

4. Match Metals

The majority of men choose between silver and gold. You can check your skin tone to determine if you have a preference. Your belt buckle, the metal ring, and the strap should all be of the same color.

5. Be aware of the maximum number worn.

Spreading out two or even three pieces evenly between two hands is generally safe. If you exceed this limit, you risk looking like a Manga. Wear a "declaration ring" on your one hand and nothing else.

Wearing a ring with your signature doesn't necessarily send a message to everyone. As is fitting for the group that exudes their beliefs, the signature ring conveys a signal to their followers. And being part of an exclusive club who "gets it", is part of what makes it fun.

Quality is more important than volume, and style is more precious than rules. Remember this no matter what style you choose.

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